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A strong believer in the ability of the architecture combined with psychology, photography skill. Only together can we create a sense of relaxation, and increasing efficiency for residential, and commercial buildings. The combination of the skills has encouraged me to an architecture based on feeling and experience. “We shape our buildings and afterwards they shape us” Churchill says.


Working as architecture manager for the period of 5 years, and totally 9 years of work experience.

  • Working as a building designer for 4 years

  • Psychologist

  • MBTI degree based on CPP

  • Experienced photographer

  • Participated in the hypothesis courses of an international teacher, PhD Mehdi Fathi

  • Psychology68%
  • Hypnosis43%
  • MBTI93%
  • Civil Enginering86%
  • Architecture68%
  • Photography63%



Building design based on personality and feeling

According to research, our space of life and the emotion we feel from, have a direct impact on our psyche. in doing so, we design residential buildings based on the personality and needs of the residents, and thus create maximum peace of mind and comfort. For example, kitchen space, bedrooms and other areas of the house are designed precisely based on the personality type and the feelings of people who use them more.

Offices design based on psychological factors and personality

Our goal in this work is to create a calm environment, and to increase the productivity of employees in business offices and companies. in doing so, for each department of the office, such as the accounting department, management, etc., has a special design program, and each employee’s desk has a particular design according to his work. And there is a special program to create a sense of confidence and relaxation in clients, which is determined by the type of activity of the office.

Psychology counselor

Using hypnosis skills, psychological disorders can be improved and increased the speed and efficiency of the treatment process. Hypnosis, of course, is just one tool and the main treatment is based on psychosomatic teachings. I also learned the skills of pre-marital assessment, which includes an important part of pre-marriage counseling. In my opinion, the logic that I obtained from engineering studies, also has a high psychological analysis potential.

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